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About Us

Saga Select Asset Management Ltd. ("Saga Select")  is an Israel-based company that provides independent Global Asset Management & Investment Products Marketing services. Saga Select is regulated by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). 

Saga Select is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldhar & Co. Ltd., a company specialized in global investments, which also offers, through a subsidiary, corporate finance services to Israeli and foreign companies.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and trained professionals, with strong academic backgrounds, as well as extensive experience in the International Capital Markets.

We offer our services to institutional and corporate investors seeking to invest in the global capital markets, as well as to high net worth private clients who are looking for quality professional asset management services.

Our objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted return on investment. Saga Select uses a top-down approach to investment management, using a rigorous macro-economic approach to first select the markets with the highest growth potential, then moving to the individual securities. As such, we put a strong emphasis on the global asset allocation of each of our portfolios.

We design the investment strategy taking into account the different specificities of our clients, in order to ensure that our decisions are efficient and suit their specific investment objectives.

Saga Select aims to build strong long-term relationship with its clients. Our savoir faire combined with a constant gathering and analysis of the relevant information enable us to build risk-adapted portfolios, and to provide professional tailor-made global asset management services.

In addition to the traditional asset management activity, and due to our reputation and expertise in the international markets, Saga Select is, and has been managing various prestigious mutual funds, institutional, and corporate clients investing in foreign assets.

Since May 15, 2012, our company has been appointed asset manager of the 3 following funds, which are part of the Saga Select SICAV, based in Luxembourg:

  The Saga Select Asset Allocation Fund
  The Saga Select Tactical European Equitiy Fund
  The Saga Select Global Investment Grade Bond Fund

Previously, our team has been successively in charge of the management of the following mutual funds and Institutional Investors: 

  • A mutual fund specialized in global bonds, from a major insurance group.
  • A mutual fund specialized in European stocks, formerly from a leading banking group.
  • A mutual fund investing in the Global Stock Markets, belonging to one of Israel’s largest insurance groups.
  • A US$ fixed income portfolio for one of the country's leading banking group.
  • A US$ fixed income portfolio invested in sovereign & financial institutions' debt for one of the country's leading banking group.
  • A US$ Global fixed income portfolio for one of the Israeli insurance companies.
  • Various Eurobonds and stock portfolios for public and private companies.

Mutual respect, confidentiality, professionalism and trust are the cornerstones of our business. 
Our dedication to the global markets is our added value.