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Asset Management

The Investment Management Process

Saga Select follows a rigorous investment management process where clients will enjoy the benefits of a structured approach while at the same time allowing for customization, as the situation requires. Our management team is supervised by our Investment Committee, which reviews portfolios performance and defines our investment policy. More specifically, our investment process is composed of a four-stage cycle:

Stage 1: Definition of the Objectives

We will take the time to listen and understand client's specific goals and vision, and to assess his risk profile.

Stage 2: Asset Allocation

In light of the elements defined in step 1, we will determine the asset allocation that will suit client's portfolio objectives and constraints.

Stage 3: Portfolio Construction

Now that the investment strategy has been delineated, we will proceed to its implementation by selecting the appropriate securities. 

Step 4: Feedback

The Feedback is typically done at two levels:

Each portfolio is monitored on a daily basis in order to ensure appropriate risk remains under control. We follow continuously the positions in the portfolio, as well as the relevant markets.

During the monthly (or when required by market conditions) reunion of our Investment Committee, which decides of the optimal asset allocation in the portfolios, given the macro-economic climate and the different risk profiles.

 At each of these levels, or when required, changes to the portfolio will be done to reflect its long-term objectives, as well as the decisions of the Investment Committee.