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Asset Management

Investment Philosophy

Saga Select follows a rigorous top-down approach to investment management in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted return on investment. We select first the markets with the highest growth potential, then moving down to the individual securities. In today's rapidly changing financial and economic environment, we believe it is essential to put a strong emphasis on the global asset allocation in each of our portfolios. In addition we are striving to build diversified portfolios in order to reduce specific security risk in our portfolios.

We design the investment strategy taking into account the different specificities of our clients, in order to ensure that our decisions are efficient and suit their individual investment objectives.

Investing is a matter of long-term objective, not of short-term trends. While constantly seeking to improve risk-adjusted return in our portfolios, our approach to investment management advocates patience to let the strategy ripe to its full potential.


We are aiming at building strong relationship with our clients. Mutual respect, confidentiality, professionalism and trust are the cornerstones of our business.